Download Aadhar Card Application Form Online

Hi everyone, if you want to apply for Aadhar Card then you have to go nearest Aadhar Card Center. You have to fill an Aadhar application form there with your correct details. If the application form is not available in the Aadhar center, then you can download the Aadhar application form from our website.

Please download the application form and print it. Please read the instruction page before filling the form. If you write any wrong details in the form, then your Aadhar Card may take a long time. We are also writing some important points for you. Please have a look at the points while filling the application form.

Important points:

  • Please enter your Name in both languages Hindi and English.
  • Enter your correct date of birth in the form. If you enter the wrong date of birth by mistake, then it causes many problems for you.
  • Please provide your regular usable mobile number in the Aadhar Card application form.
  • Please fill your complete address in the form.

Aadhar Card application form


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