How to Find Enrolment Number by Your Name

As we all know enrolment number is very important to download aadhar card. If you misplace your enrolment number then you can find it online by your name.

We want to inform our readers that please save your Aadhar number and enrolment number at the safe place. When you lost your aadhar card then these things are very important for you.

Please follow the below steps to find your enrolment no

Step 1: Go to find EID page at UIDAI website Click here.

Step 2: Select Enrolment No (EID) from the option.


Step 3: Now enter your full name and mobile number.

Step 4: Please enter the security code in the box.

Step 5: Click on Get OTP button.

Step 6: You will receive a unique OTP on your mobile, please enter the OTP in the box and click on Verify OTP button.

Step 7: Within 2 minutes you will receive enrolment number (EID) on your mobile through sms.


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4 thoughts on “How to Find Enrolment Number by Your Name

  1. shinde s k

    any charges for adharcard…?
    here d person charge 375 per adharcard in villege…

    1. Admin Post author

      There is no charge for aadhar card. Its free for everyone.

  2. sarjit Singh

    Dear Sir,

    1. The name of my Son in adhar card is Goutam but correct name of my son as per school certificate is Goutam Baloda. For amendment the same alreadsy applied in the month of Dec 2016 but fresh adhar card not yet received by me as yet.

    2. The name of my wife in adhar card is Kamlesh, but actual name of my wife as per my records is kamla devi. For amendment the same alredy applied in Dec 2016
    3. Ack slip of both the adhar card misplaced.
    4. Request intimate the correct stutus of both adhar card to me
    Sincerely your
    sarjit Singh
    Mob No 9812988019

    1. Admin Post author

      We request you please visit aadhar center for this problem.


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